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Product Description

HYPERGUARD is high performance PVC Waterstop strip which is manufactured from premium quality thermoplastic resin resulting in high strength and durable end product.  It is designed for use to prevent water passage in concrete joint. Especially the joints where expansion, contraction and transverse movements are occurred, waterstop is designed to effectively accommodate itself to movement. Typical areas of use include: Swimming pool, water tank, waste water tank, chemical treated water tank, basement, deck, dam, water reservoir, watergate

Product Benefits

·        High tensile strength.
·        Excellent tear resistance.
·        Resistance to hydrolysis.
·        A variety of sizes available.
·        Dumbbell and center bulb profiles suitable for various applications.
·        Long life span.
·        Withstanding shear movement and hydrostatic pressure.
·        Weather and chemical resistance.

Size & Profile

Standard Sizes & profiles are available in:
6 inch - Dumbbell
6 inch - Dumbbell with center bulb
8 inch - Dumbbell
8 inch - Dumbbell with center bulb

Standard length = 25 meters per roll.

For other sizes & profiles, please see Product Data Sheet.

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