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Product Description

PURFOAM is a water-activated hydrophobic polyurethane injection grout designed to stop water leakages. When PURFOAM comes in contact with water, it reacts and creates dense, closed and fine cell foam that prevents water passage. 

It can be used in the following areas and applications: Concrete joints and cracks, defective concrete (cracked or honeycomb), potable water tank, waste water tank, and Pool, pipe intrusion, basement, tunnels, dams, sewers, manholes, utility boxes.


Product Benefits

  • Low viscosity offers superior penetration through narrow or hairline cracks.
  • Variable reaction time allows to be used in broad range of applications.
  • Expand up to 30 times of the original volume.
  • Closed and fine cell foam results in best waterproofing ability.
  • Seal cracks quickly and efficiently.
  • Cured material not affected by water or dryness.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Flexible and good adhesion to concrete.
  • Non-toxic once in cured form.

Packing & Storage

Component A: 20 kgs plastic pail.

Component B:   2 kgs plastic pail. 

Chemical must be kept in-door, avoid of direct sunlight and humidity. It should be stored at room temperature. Drum of remained chemical should be purged with Nitrogen and tightly capped. Chemical should be consumed within 12 months.

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