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Acrylic Roofkote

Product Description

ACRYLIC ROOFKOTE is made of 100% pure emulsion paint coating designed primarily for used as a roofing waterproof and general waterproof.  ACRYLIC ROOFKOTE adheres practically on every surface.  It can be used as both functional coating and decorative coating. The applications include concrete deck roofing, balcony membrane system, masonry facade waterproofing, coating over minor cracks on concrete surface



Product Benefits

  • Have an excellent water resistance and weather endurance abilities.
  • Great elasticity, durability and toughness allow material to elongate and stay intact on the concrete surface of building in case cracks occurred due to vibration or temperature.
  • Have good adhesion with most brands of acrylic coating.
  • Excellent stain resistance.

Packing & Storage

Acrylic Roofkote is packaged in 25 kgs plastic pail.


Product must be stored in cool, dry elevated place and protected from humidity. Shelf life is up to 9 months in unopened buckets if stored as specified above

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